Saturday, 23 February 2019
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Gambling as the new smoking
Could gambling be the new smoking? With most of the western world now effectively banning smoking advertising, could gambling be targeted in a similar way? With gambling advertising being banned in Italy, how likely is it that this could occur in Australia? Jamie Nettleton, Partner of Addisons and President of the International Masters of Gaming Law, was pleased to be interviewed on ABC radio’s “More Than Just A Game” last night.
Gambling: a Fair and Harmonized Approach
BRR Media interview with Jamie Nettleton, Partner on Wednesday, 11 November 2013 at 10:21 am.
Casino not Responsible for High Roller's $20m Loss
ABC Law Report interview with Jamie Nettleton, Partner on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 at 5:30pm
No Online Gambling Changes for Now
BRR Media interview with Jamie Nettleton, Partner on Thursday, 18 April 2013 3:00pm
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