Saturday, 20 October 2018
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“Find the solution and super-please is my motto. The word "no" is not part of my vocabulary.”

My working philosophy is “entirely solutions-oriented” but I also take a “whole of business approach” not just a legal approach.
I am fully invested in the commercial success of my clients – I take the success or failure of my clients personally.
I don’t manage the message that my clients are seeking to publish. Rather, I work closely with my clients, including executives, creative staff and reporters to find a way to allow them to publish in a way which lessens any risk.

The focus of my work is enabling the business of my clients. While I advise clients in a number of areas of law and from different industry groups, the overriding objective that guides my work is to ensure that my clients can do business within an environment of minimum risk while fully exploiting their intellectual property and inherent competitive advantages.
Special Counsel
My aim as a lawyer is to assist clients achieve the outcomes they want and to deliver advice that plays a practical role in assisting them with their everyday business challenges and opportunities.
Special Counsel
As a litigator in the media and intellectual property practice, I advise clients on all issues relating to publication of content from pre-publication clearances covering defamation, contempt, copyright, privacy and reporting restrictions across all media platforms including press, television, radio, internet and social media.

Senior Associate
I advise clients from a range of industries, including consumer goods, direct selling, household products and gaming and wagering organisations, on all manner of regulatory and compliance matters.