Saturday, 20 October 2018
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“I really enjoy turning the dreams and seemingly far-fetched plans of my clients into reality.”


I do not believe that all client needs are all the same, nor are they necessarily similar.
My work involves advising on some of the most significant and high profile development projects in Australia. My expertise spans property and infrastructure development; mining and resources; planning, environmental and administrative law matters.
One of my key strengths is my tenacity. I strive for the best outcome possible for my clients, whether it is advice work or litigation. I want them to achieve their objectives as much as they do. My clients trust me as part of their team.

"With dual qualifications in science and law, my role is not to focus on pure legal issues but to apply critical and robust thinking to the intersection between fact, expert opinion and law."
Special Counsel
I advise private and public sector organisations on all aspects of planning and environmental law, administrative law, compulsory acquisitions and local governance.
Senior Associate
My experience lies in providing commercial advice to developers, statutory authorities and government in the fields of planning and environmental law. That advice relates to transactions and, where necessary, litigation.

Senior Associate
My experience is in providing advice to private and government clients in relation to all areas of environment, planning and administrative law, particularly in relation to high profile urban renewal projects.
I work with clients for whom I have a high regard as I believe that this forms the basis of a sound relationship that will deliver results. Furthermore, this also puts me in a position where I begin with, and maintain, my enthusiasm for achieving the best outcome for my clients because I understand and respect the importance these matters have for them.