Saturday, 20 October 2018
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Karen Anne
on the work that we do
“Advising my clients and solving their legal problems is more than just my job.  I do feel very much a part of each of my clients' businesses, so I take it personally.  Their success is my success.”

I am fully invested in the commercial success of my clients – I take the success or failure of my clients personally.
I don’t manage the message that my clients are seeking to publish. Rather, I work closely with my clients, including executives, creative staff and reporters to find a way to allow them to publish in a way which lessens any risk.
The objective that drives my litigation practice is to keep my clients out of Court wherever possible and to seek an alternative to litigation.

Special Counsel
As a litigator in the media and intellectual property practice, I advise clients on all issues relating to publication of content from pre-publication clearances covering defamation, contempt, copyright, privacy and reporting restrictions across all media platforms including press, television, radio, internet and social media.
Special Counsel
Commercial litigation has been the focus of my work since 1997 and this has equipped me with broad experience advising and appearing for clients in commercial disputes and litigation.
What drives me is getting results for my clients.