Wednesday, 21 November 2018
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The firms' purpose is to provide the highest standards of legal and commercial advice, and client service, delivered by talented, resourceful and dedicated individuals with a drive to see your organisation succeed.


Therefore, we invite you to explore our latest Focus Papers, Media, News and Publications in our Knowledge Bank.

Latest Focus Papers
The NSW Container Deposit Scheme – 'Return and Earn'
In an earlier Focus Paper, we outlined the regimes for the regulation of waste in Australia and referred to the Australian Packaging Covenant. In this paper, we provide insight into the recently introduced NSW-based container deposit scheme.
Laughing all the way - the ACCC releases its 2018 annual report
Heading into the Christmas period is always a festive time at the ACCC. Admittedly service-provider drinks are limited due to the ACCC’s gifts & gratuities policy, Christmas lunch is pay-your-own-way as the Government require it, but the one event ACCC staff always look forward to is the release of...
Exclusivity Clauses in Distribution Agreements – The New Frontier in terms of Record Fines
Over August and September 2018, the Federal Court imposed penalties of $11.95 million against a variety of companies, with a director of one of the companies personally ordered to pay $350,000, as a result of illegal exclusivity clauses in the distribution agreements between the companies.
Latest Case Studies
Latest Publications
Employment Law in Australia Overview
In Australia, employment is primarily regulated by legislation at the Federal level. There are some areas, notably long service leave, which continue to be regulated at the State and Territory level.
Gambling Law and Regulation Newsletter - August 2018
Welcome to the August 2018 edition of the Addisons Gambling Law & Regulation Newsletter . This is a bumper issue reflecting on many of the industry developments that have occurred this year in advance of the 2018 Australasian Gaming Expo.
eSports: Gambling in the Digital Age
While still in its early stages, the Australian esports industry is growing at a rapid rate, with popular and respected tournaments such as the Intel Extreme Masters being held in Sydney annually, to the delight of thousands of Australian fans. At this year’s Australasian Casino and Gaming Regulator...
Latest Media
Commercialisation of Intellectual Property
In this edition of BenchTV, Partner, Donna Short and Special Counsel, Hazel McDwyer discuss the phases of a commercialisation project, the types of intellectual property in commercialisation agreements, and the need for the protection of intellectual property both on a domestic and global scale.
Gambling as the new smoking
Could gambling be the new smoking? With most of the western world now effectively banning smoking advertising, could gambling be targeted in a similar way? With gambling advertising being banned in Italy, how likely is it that this could occur in Australia? Jamie Nettleton, Partner of Addison...
Poor Relationships with Colleagues Leads to Dismissal
BRR Media interview with Martin O'Connor, Partner on Thursday 3 September 2015 at 4:00pm.