Thursday, 22 August 2019
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Therefore, we invite you to explore our latest Focus Papers, Media, News and Publications in our Knowledge Bank.

Latest Focus Papers
Creating a splash - ACCC dives into Samsung's 'waterproof' claims
Consumer goods’ manufacturers have certainly been doing it tough recently. In 2018, Apple was found to have misled customers as to their rights when they experienced a certain error message. Apple refused to refund customers if those customers had phones repaired by a third party and paid a $9m pena...
Loot Boxes, Surprise Mechanics, and Kinder Eggs - How should loot boxes be regulated?
Globally, several jurisdictions are in the process of considering, or have already considered, their regulatory regimes in respect of loot boxes and have reached differing views as to the best way to regulate them. In this focus paper, we consider Australian and international regulatory developments...
Is the ACCC losing its touch? “Flushable Wipes” and “Biodegradable Plates” cases break down in Federal Court
Within one week, the ACCC has had two high-profile consumer law cases thrown out of the Federal Court – against Kimberly-Clark and Woolworths, separately.
Latest Case Studies
Latest Publications
ACCC digs knife into Woolworths over disposable cutlery claims
Undeterred by two court defeats in two weeks, the competition watchdog has appealed a Federal Court decision to dismiss its case against Woolworths over claims the retailer made about the biodegradability of its picnic products.
Employment Law in Australia Overview
In Australia, employment is primarily regulated by legislation at the Federal level. There are some areas, notably long service leave, which continue to be regulated at the State and Territory level.
Direct Selling Legal Update - June 2019
Our Legal Update contains papers published recently by Addisons concerning various issues and developments impacting upon the direct selling sector in Australia. Areas covered include new obligations in respect of regulatory and compliance matters, as well as new requirements of which marketing team...
Latest Media
Two big cases involving big name brands, Penfolds and Bega
When you are strolling the aisles of a supermarket or bottle shop, what makes you instinctively reach for a familiar brand? Why do you choose one company’s product and ignore the other similar-looking products sitting next to them on the shelf? Brand recognition and brand loyalty are central to...
Sydney councils accused of using interim heritage orders to halt development
Partner, Helen Macfarlane, was a guest on The Chris Smith Show this week discussing the use of interim heritage orders by local councils as a form of ‘defacto development control’.
Commercialisation of Intellectual Property
In this edition of BenchTV, Partner, Donna Short and Special Counsel, Hazel McDwyer discuss the phases of a commercialisation project, the types of intellectual property in commercialisation agreements, and the need for the protection of intellectual property both on a domestic and global scale.