Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Careers at Addisons

The opportunity to further a career at Addisons is not something that we give away lightly. One of our commitments to clients is that second best is not an option, including that our standards in recruiting both legal and support staff are rigorous.


The people who have the chance to establish and grow their career at Addisons are selected on the basis of outstanding levels of talent, character and work ethic. In addition, they all have a strong desire to be at Addisons, rather than any other firm. Addisons is not just an alternative, it is the firm of choice for those who are serious about their career.

For those who do achieve the opportunity to work at Addisons, the environment is one of challenging and interesting work, dealing with global brands, through both international and local offices of our clients, as well as Australian icon brands of longstanding. Our lawyers become fully immersed in all aspects of transactions, where the law firm on the other side is normally a larger Australian firm or international firm. These experiences provide a level of exposure to complex transactions which rapidly enhances career growth.

Addisons is regularly engaged in projects of significant size and complexity. As a result, career horizons for our lawyers are limited only by the efforts and commitment of the individual.

If you would like to submit your curriculum vitae for consideration at any time, please click here.