Thursday, 21 March 2019
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The commercial success of any business is greatly affected by the people within the business – the directors, management and staff. The relationship between these groups is critical to the ongoing commercial viability of the business and the avoidance of operational risk.



The law that governs this part of a business operation has evolved and changed rapidly in recent years with the arrival and subsequent departure of WorkChoices, and the enactment of its replacement, the Fair Work Act.

The need for constant vigilance, proactive policies and nimble action in the face of problems has never been more critical for the owners and managers of Australian business. Legal issues evolving from employment related disputes have the propensity to take a heavy toll on the commercial viability of a business so informed and practical advice is essential.


The Employment team at Addisons regularly provides advice and assistance to employers in relation to all aspects of managing their employment and associated relationships, including acting for the employer in employment and related litigation matters before both Courts and tribunals, including Fair Work Australia.

The services provided by the team include:

The drafting and negotiation of:


  • employment contracts
  • consultancy agreements
  • confidentiality agreements and restrictive covenants; and
  • deeds of Release.


They also advise in relation to:

  • employers' obligations in respect of termination and employee benefits
  • redundancy entitlements and negotiation of redundancy packages
  • the enforceability of confidentiality, non-compete and restraint of trade clauses
  • equal opportunity laws
  • avoiding and managing the risk of sexual harassment and bullying in workplace claims
  • disciplinary matters
  • competition and Consumer Law matters
  • workplace surveillance and privacy issues; and
  • employee fraud.
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