Sunday, 24 September 2017
Short-term rental accommodation: Airbnb and Stayz are likely to stay but the party house is over
Date : 26 April 2017
Author/s : Helen Macfarlane
Type : Focus Paper




Amendments are proposed by the New South Wales Government to a number of environmental planning instruments to permit and regulate short-term rental accommodation of dwellings (STRA).


While the local environmental plans of many regional, coastal local government areas permit STRA in existing dwellings without the need for development consent, the majority of metropolitan Sydney local government areas prohibit STRA in residential zoned areas. This means that the majority of STRA currently on offer within the metropolitan Sydney area are unlawful.


This is about to change following the release on 19 April 2017 of the State Government’s response to the Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning’s (Committee) Report 1/56 dated October 2016 on the Adequacy of the Regulation of Short-Term Holiday Letting in New South Wales.


The proposed amendments should overcome the lack of uniformity in different local government areas on the lawfulness of STRA, including those offered on online platforms such as Airbnb and Stayz.


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